Who I am

More than a few people have acknowledged me to be a magnet for beautiful souls and an invisible bridge between hearts. Someone who brings beautiful people and ideas together to make room for the wonder of the new in synergy. This is definitely one of the things I love most!
I am fascinated by languages understood both as languages-I have a degree in language mediation and am a translator-and as reality codes in a more universal sense-I am a researcher and disseminator of personal evolution and consciousness development techniques,
I also have experience in the more exquisitely holistic world with massage, flower therapy, crystal therapy, evolutionary fortune telling, reconnective healing, scalar prana.

And what is language if not a bridge between worlds?

In addition to Arabic dance in a mystical vein, I devote myself to the omnivorous study of both Eastern disciplines such as yoga, meditation, thai chi, qi gong, reiki and tantra, and Western disciplines such as esotericism, nonviolent communication, effective communication, NLP and all-round hypnosis.

While embracing distant fields of knowledge can be scattershot, for me it meets the vital need to “connect the dots” and find the common thread among pivotal human expressions that recur over the centuries such as shadow, relationship, care, and spirituality.
This naturally leads me to read and write a lot, therefore to delve deeper and produce more and more quality content, which may seem far apart, but instead, it excites me to discover each time, how similar the paths of knowledge are.

I find the holistic approach the most congenial to my nature and to today’s reality, which is increasingly multitasking and in need of both ambitious goals and pivotal values and securities. I always seek balance between the parts, including in dance, music, writing and the relationship between invisible and matter. In this I find the body to be a phenomenal teacher, as I wrote in my book “The Mysticism of Eastern Dance,” in which I analyze the various aspects of the sacred feminine through dance, exploring its boundaries in mystical, mythical, historical, practical and evolutionary ways.

The book is published by Psyche2 and also from the same publishing house along with the volume written 4 hands with Pierluca Zizzi, “Sacred Eros.” You can find both here: https://www.ilgiardinodeilibri.it/autori/_diana-migliano.php

What I do

I create empowering realities together with those who desire authentic personal, relational and professional blossoming. I guide people of all ages, shapes, colors and characters toward greater self-awareness and to a profound deep evolution starting with the body.

My main tool is Arabic dance, which I integrate with my other skills:

I am a flower therapist, so I help you bloom.
I am energetic healer, so I help you to shine by releasing invisible weights
I am an oriental dance teacher and spiritual seeker, so I help you find the keys hidden within you to connect to the source of universal creation and find your unique and authentic expression in all planes of your life.

I have been a teacher and dancer for many years and have seen so many souls blossom through the magic and almost infinite potential of this dance.
I have seen fear vanish on super shy or anxious faces, I have seen wounded and distrustful women open up to friendship and the power of creativity, I have seen insecurities and frailties become acceptance, self-love, strength and enthusiasm, giving way to self-confidence and the joy of dancing while sharing joys and Values with new friends.

It is beautiful to see self-confidence and self-esteem grow over time through the steps of this very ancient dance, thought to be the oldest of all even.

For me, the most beautiful thing is that you achieve extraordinary results on two seemingly distant yet intertwined tracks, that is, you reconnect with matter and spirit at the same time.
You create that harmony, just similarly to music and dance, even internally, reordering individual priorities.
One gets in touch with the mystery of the physical cycle that connects female bodies to Mother Nature, and one reclaims the uniqueness of one’s femininity with which to express our most sacred and personal, intimate side.

Femininity, sensuality, beauty, are not ideas that can be summed up in a stereotype as we are made to believe. They are treasure chests that contain infinite multifaceted and unrepeatable jewels to be treasured in their wonderful diversity. Each individual carries within him or her the key to access the nourishing source to reconnect with Nature, making peace with matter and His Nature, making peace with his or her body, ideas and emotions.

Dance succeeds with more immediacy in this purpose as it bypasses the obstacles and resistance posed by the rational mind and unconscious beliefs layered over time.

Harpist with passion

Bewitched by the idea of the harp since childhood,
I fell in love with my first real harp in an enchanting forest in the foothills of the Dolomites, where, almost by chance, at dawn, I found a Melusine in my arms.

Among my teachers the fantastic Myrdhin, Enrico Euron, Enzo Vacca, Deidre ‘O Brien, Katia Zunino, Manuela De Zarlo to whom I owe the Celtic setting of my music.

A legendary protagonist of ancient myths and stories, the harp arouses in me the desire to embrace its most symbolic and profound aspects, exquisitely interesting to investigate with mind, body and soul.

I decide to continue as a self-taught musician with an approach that, as in dance, does not aim for the perfect performance, but for the invisible journey into the heart and art.

There is to catch every note, nuance, accent, visible and invisible, sonorous and inaudible, of this magical instrument. Its strings always seem to whisper to me: find your music within.