Happy massage of a traveling dancer

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Dance, martial arts, massage–yay for oriental disciplines


Have you ever experienced an expansion of consciousness during a massage?

I have!!!

Last weekend I went to the Festival dell’Oriente in Naples to present my book “The Mysticism of Oriental Dance,” and well, at the end of the day, after walking the miles between the booths, I treated myself to a relaxing massage.
I put myself in the capable hands of a holistic practitioner named Felice, whose name already says a lot and as my body surrendered to his touch and his expert maneuvers followed one another in a sequence as logical as it was intuitive my mind shifted its movement.

Like the waves of the sea subsiding I felt her becoming calmer and calmer, flat, silent and infinite.
What happened was the opposite of what is normally said about meditation, that is, the voluntary distancing of thoughts, well I would try to think something and I couldn’t.

Some kind of miracle.

It was so deep and powerful that state of luminous silence that nothing could shake it. And I remind you that the festival is held in huge pavilions filled with moving people, music, merchants and vociferous children.

Also it was a very normal massage, no special oils, no Tibetan bells, no Coptobirm techniques applied, but a very simple relaxing massage.

Well, I am truly grateful to Felice who unknowingly gave me an advanced state of awareness and a perception out of the ordinary, albeit for a handful of minutes.

I wish everyone a similar relaxation.

If something similar has happened to you, tell me about it in the comments!



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