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Awards Festival

The second edition of the Dancing Goddesses Festival is finally coming!

Unique and unmissable opportunity to win a shower of prizes simply by sharing your dance ONLINE. Extraordinary dancers and personalities from the HOLISTIC WORLD have put their skills up for grabs just for you!

Anyone can participate because it is EASY and most importantly FREE!!!
See you on the virtual stage on this page.


They say about me

I would like to say something that I feel is important. I have been suffering from fibromyalgia since I was 12 years old, and this kind of movement with music (which I dare not call dance, but precisely Improvisations) has helped and is helping me to decrease the chronic pain and discomfort that this dysfunction brings.
Immediately after finishing the body relaxes completely and I have ten minutes of complete bliss. I tell you about it because it may be useful for other women or men who have this condition.
What’s more, if practiced over time it restores vital energies that fibromyalgia slows down quite a bit 🙏😊thank you

– Rossella Buongiorno

Wonderful!!! A precious book that encapsulates the magic of this wonderful art, of this world that I had the good fortune to begin to know concretely thanks to the experience I had with the author a few years ago…a world that seemed far away and that, on the contrary, rekindled dormant parts of me. A book to read calmly as far as I am concerned, flowing, a book to browse through also because of the beauty of some of its images, a book “built” with a love for oriental dance, a love that comes, comes so much. Thank you to the author for this gift.

– Gessica

I enjoyed it very much; I find it to be a valuable tool both for those who are already familiar with oriental dance and for those who are just starting out. For me in particular, who has been studying dance for several years, I found the historical part and also the whole symbolic aspect related to the goddesses extremely interesting. I find this book as well as the contest you organized to be inspiring and innovative in that they use a wonderful discipline such as oriental dance as a tool for personal introspection and deep connection with one’s self that goes beyond the simple execution of steps.

– Sabaita Stazi

The following is what I think of the book The Mysticism of Oriental Dance. A delicate Book, in form and substance… you pick it up and you seem to smell talcum powder.
A light book that snuggles on your lap and already from the size and ‘image of the cover conveys lightness, serenity and gracefulness.
A book that succeeds in enticing and taking by the hand all those who want to discover the world of Oriental Dance, and also those who have been practicing it for some time, accompanying them on a journey within themselves through Dance.
Myths, psyche, magic, health, history, rhythms, steps, movements, and names… inside one can find considerations and explanations of everything that has made this Dance great since ancient times.
Clear and comprehensive considerations and explanations, but they need us because they invite us to explore further, to go deeper, to imagine.

– Monica A.

Diana manages to involve you in a beautiful journey, connecting Dance to the natural elements. A book that makes us think about ourselves and our emotions.

– Federica

A spiritual, historical and cultural journey tracing this magical world that is oriental dance. Really recommended book, both for those familiar with the subject and for newbies, like me.

– Valeria

A magical and comprehensive book. The author guides us to the discovery of this wonderful dance, not only through the technique and the origins of Arab music and culture, but highlighting the symbolic, anthropological aspects and the psychophysical benefits. Truly a comprehensive book. Highly recommended

– Chiara

A wonderful book, written by a professional who dances with her ‘soul and has always experienced what she writes. Happy to have read it, I recommend to everyone this very rich reading of insights, curiosity, research.

– Ida

Comprehensive book inspired by experience. Suitable for those who want to know something about the culture of dancing, its spirituality and for those beginning this wonderful discipline.

– Pierluca

I got to discover Diana As a result of a Christmas gift exchange, and the gift I received was actually one of her oriental dance classes. Highly recommended experience to pova oneself, to learn how to move freely, focus on one’s goals and mentally drive out what hinders us. A path not only of dance but a true awakening of one’s inner goddess.

– Cinzia Ferraronic

“The Mysticism of Oriental Dance.”
– by Diana Migliano

“The Mysticism of Oriental Dance” is a book and project by Diana Migliano. In this video the author talks about herself, hinting at the very rich contents of symbolism, technique, myth and perspectives of dance as a universal language of connection with one’s own nature and with the rest of the world.

Finally also in Italian a practical and easy-to-understand manual designed for all those who want to approach this wonderful art from both a historical and theoretical as well as a practical point of view. In fact, in addition to a descriptive introduction of the history, symbols, benefits and cultural implications of this dance, the manual includes a rich sequence of dance steps, from basic to more complex ones. Exploring the world of belly dance will be an unforgettable thrill for you.

Meetings with Authors and Readers. A wonderful video interview introducing the new book, together with Maria Rosa Vuono.

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