In this heterogeneous collection of poetic fragments dredged up over time, the pen’s journey through the meshes of the author’s inner reality, which began in her school days, unfolds. The great themes of life, seen through the eyes of a young woman who has always wanted to dye her days with poetry, are the protagonists of these sometimes fantastic, sometimes caustic, never predictable verses.

Like an album of inner snapshots translated into letters and imprinted on the pages, Alba d’Argento wants to arouse funny, uncomfortable, screaming and sublime moods as only poetry can inject into the eyes of the reader.

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A kaleidoscope of sensations, bubbling with languid mysticism. An ascent to the sacred mountain for the more spiritual or a soft, aimless outing for the more profane. A quiescent magma ready to embrace, with its fiery thunderbolts, nature with pantheistic approach. The poems follow one another alternately like billows that slide the reader into an immense beach, in apparent stillness.

Just as the life of a wave, which is born by the puffs of the wind, grows in its precise deterministic configuration and apparently dies in the breaking turning into currents, a vehicle for transporting precious sediment, so the author’s verses. They reverberate. A perpetual oscillation animates the motion of her words toward a transparent jungle where oblivion reigns undaunted. To be lost and to find oneself, to be indignant and sublimated, to swim on the drowning stars, above time, where the space of our existence lies candidly or ruefully.

We pause to ear natural and artificial elements, earthly and otherworldly, small and inexorable steps toward a renewed dimension of rebirth and decay. The colorful petals of the poems point to the sovereign gateway where nothingness and everything draw arcs of freedom. White magic and black magic, color contrasts filtered in the lights of dawn, in its brightest color, that of silver.

– Alessandro T.

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