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Nature says to Christina:
“Now I want new books to be born of you, which will preserve your memory in the world, in times to come and forever, and you will give birth in joy because of your intelligence».

from “The City of Women” by Cristina da Pizzano

To celebrate the feast of love every day

Give the gift of a beautiful Planner Agenda!

Ti amo… Anche oggi!: Love planner

The LOVE PLANNER is not a calendar but a perennial planner.
The ideal gift to say I love you to whomever you want, every day.

I love you… Today too!: Love planner

BEAUTIFUL PERENNIAL WEEKLY PLANNERThe perfect gift to let your special ones you know you love them everyday.Best present for Birthdays, Parties, Christmas and any other special occasion!

Te quiero… Hoy también!: Love planner

Este Love Planner está dedicado a todos a los que les gusta tener un resumen semanal de sus tareas, de una manera divertida y efectiva, sin olvidar nunca amar y ser amado.

Ich liebe dich… Heute auch!: Love planner

Dieser Liebesplaner ist für diejenigen gedacht, die den wöchentlichen Überblick über ihre Aufgaben behalten möchten.
Auf unterhaltsame und effektive Weise, ohne jemals zu vergessen zu lieben und geliebt zu werden.

News and Featured Projects

If you feel like doing and why not, to give YOURSELF a USEFUL and ORIGINAL gift, I propose the GIFT CARD

for online sessions with me.
You decide the amount.

With my innovative “Dancing Goddess Method” we will explore together the steps of oriental dance and their physical, emotional and energetic benefits.

Only requirement is willingness to move and get involved. It is an inclusive and customizable method, accessible to any age, gender and body training level (even zero!).

If you would like to give a moment for yourself or know someone who would love to receive it, here is the right gift for the holidays!

Events & Collaborations

Would you like to organize or host an event of mine or a presentation of a book of mine that you particularly enjoyed?
If you’d like, we can talk about it together.