Sacred Dances and Rituals as an evolutionary pathway

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How can a “cleavage” dance be compared to a ritual–even sacred–dance?

This apparent paradox between belly dance and ritual or sacred dance holds only for those who do not know the subject thoroughly.

Dance is one of the highest forms of worship of the divine, if practiced with the proper predisposition. Many deities, such as Shiva and Kali produce reality by dancing the creation itself, and the alternation of sun and moon in the sky and seasons on earth is compared by mystics and poets to a “cosmic dance,” the well-known concept of the dance of reality.
That is why in rituals and ceremonies, dance often has a central character of devotion, storytelling and catharsis.

The belly and the hips, symbols of creation par excellence throughout the world, enhance the cosmogonic and regenerative character of belly dance, when practiced in a non-superficial and unconscious manner.

Belly dance and sacred and ritual dances are closely related, in fact, and are very powerful tools for the path into the sacred feminine. In a world that too often separates us from our bodies and our emotions, these practices offer us the opportunity to connect with our deepest essence and welcome all parts of ourselves, including those we have often learned to hide, judge, sometimes even hate.

Belly dance, in particular, is a form of physical and creative expression that allows us to get in touch with our sensuality and femininity. With its sinuous movements, it invites us to relax and let go, to feel the rhythm of our bodies and to follow the flow of the music. This helps us let go of the tensions and blocks that often prevent us from feeling comfortable with our bodies and our sexuality.

But belly dancing is not just a form of entertainment or exercise. In many ancient cultures, belly dancing was considered a form of prayer and worship of the sacred feminine: it is speculated that the priestesses of Isis used many of the steps that today belong to belly dancing as a silent code to be passed on to novices. It was a sacred practice that was used to celebrate fertility, regeneration and transformation.

And of course it could be a kind of danced prayer to celebrate the Goddess. Even today, many women around the world use belly dance as a way to connect with their inner strength and to honor the sacred feminine.

Here is where the line between belly dance and Sacred and Ritual Dances (another form of connecting with the divine within and beyond) is not so clear and easy to draw. These dances are often used in religious or spiritual contexts, but they can also be practiced in a secular way as a form of creative expression and connection with one’s divine essence. Sacred and Ritual Dances invite us to enter a sacred and protected space where we can connect with the forces of nature and the divine energy around us. They are a beautiful way to honor the earth, the elements, animals and ancestors, and to reconnect with ancestral wisdom.

When a woman practices these dance forms, often a natural consequence is also to move closer to sacred sexuality, another area where modern women can benefit greatly.

But what is sacred sexuality?

Sacred sexuality is based on the idea that sexuality is a divine force that can be used for individual spiritual growth. When we begin to view sexuality as a spiritual practice and not as a mechanical or superficial action, we easily achieve deeper levels of awareness and connection with ourselves and the world around us.

It may happen that something invites us to transform our sexuality into a more conscious practice. Then we realize how fundamental presence and attention are to fully experiencing an experience that involves our entire being, not only our body, but also our mind, our emotions and our soul.
We begin to rediscover our senses and the ability to tap into an inexhaustible source of vital energy, which is reflected in the light we give off.
Obviously, when we give ourselves the opportunity to explore our sexuality in a deeper and more meaningful way, we achieve a deeper, more authentic and intense connection with both ourselves and our partners. And this leads to overcoming in a wonderful way all those fears and insecurities that often limit our sexuality. Indeed, it invites us to experience new forms of pleasure and fusion with each other.

The positive effects of the path into the sacred feminine on the lives of modern women are manifold. These practices help us develop a greater awareness of our bodies and emotions, offer us a way to express our creativity and sensuality authentically and freely.
In addition, the path into the sacred feminine offers us a way to connect with ancestral wisdom and to honor the traditions of the women who have gone before us. It helps us to rediscover our identity and our place in the world, to find our inner balance and inner peace. It helps us become stronger and more conscious women, able to face life’s challenges with courage and determination.

In conclusion, the path into the sacred feminine through Belly Dance, Sacred and Ritual Dances and Sacred Sexuality offers modern women a way to blossom their divine essence and discover their most authentic and deepest potential. These practices provide us with a safe and secure space in which we can express our creativity, sensuality and spirituality, and offer us the opportunity to become more conscious, whole, stronger and truer women.

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