The invisible power of networked women

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Why is a women’s network so important?

By now it is well established that success in life often depends on the relationships we are able to cultivate and maintain. But how important is it to have a network of women allies in both work and friendship? The very concept of a network is an extremely important metaphor for the creation of a coherent narrative, a harmonious image or a stable structure in which to dwell, the spider knows this… 

But back to the matter at hand.

First, a network of women allies can provide practical and tangible benefits. For example, it can be an opportunity to network and get to know people who can help find jobs or clients, or who can provide valuable advice and support while starting a new business. Sharing knowledge and resources, such as new tools or technologies, or access to financial or material resources is an incredible benefit.

The benefits of an allied women’s network are not only limited to the practical. They also extend to the emotional aspect. The support of other women can help overcome difficult times and cope better with stress, both at work and in private life. This, of course, requires some training, sensitivity and personality to create a safe and welcoming environment where women can express their thoughts and feelings without judgment.

In addition, a network of allied women can help combat gender inequalities and promote a more inclusive and diverse work and living environment. Women can share their experiences and challenges and find ways to support each other in pursuit of their goals. This can lead to greater representation of women in positions of power and positively influence organizational culture and society as a whole.

I believe it is the most impactful and quickest way to “do soul” or at least to “do culture” while trying to adjust the focus toward a healthy and inclusive vision for all.

However, it is not enough to recognize the importance of a network of women allies. 

It is also crucial to know how to create one. First, it is important to look for people with whom you share common values and interests. These values can be gender equality, equality of opportunity, inclusion, and diversity. It is also important to look for people with whom you can establish a relationship of trust and mutual respect. Probably the first thing one thinks of is the anti-violence centers that have done so much for victims of domestic and non-domestic violence. Effectively the transition that takes place is from a woman who is ensnared (by a situation of violence, but also by other problems) to a woman in a network who becomes part of a network of women.

Another key point is to find ways to keep relationships within the network healthy and vibrant. This can be done through participation in joint events or activities, such as reading groups, sports clubs, trainings, seminars or work groups. It is equally important to maintain contact regularly through phone calls, e-mail or social media.

The difference really makes a difference in the quality of relationships and how open and willing one is to help other network members when needed. This not only benefits those in need, but also helps to create an environment of mutual support and trust that is not easily found elsewhere.

Online there are many examples of successful women’s networks in different fields that can be inspiring for women seeking to create their own network of allies. Here are some examples:

  • Women in Politics: Their goal is to promote women’s participation in politics, improve their representation and ensure gender equality in public policy.
  • Women in Sustainability: Their goal is to promote ecological practices and share knowledge and resources to create a more sustainable world.
  • Women in the Arts: Their goal is to promote gender equity in the arts and provide support for women working in the arts.
  • Women in Tech: Their goal is to promote gender equality in the industry and support women working in this technology field.
  • Lean In: Lean In: This is a global network of women seeking to achieve the . Their goal is to provide support and inspiration to help women achieve their professional and personal goals while expressing their full potential.

There are also notable women’s groups in Italy:

  1. Valore D: founded by Gabriella Chiesa and Letizia Moratti, is a network of women working to promote the presence of women on corporate boards. Valore D has created a major awareness campaign on the issue of gender equality in corporate leadership and has supported numerous women in their managerial careers.
  2. Action Aid Donne: works to promote women’s rights, gender equality and combat violence against women in Italy and in developing countries. Action Aid Women has created numerous training, education and development programs for women, improving their lives and social status.
  3. Women in Network Against Violence: works to prevent and combat violence against women by creating a support and help system for women victims of violence. Women in Network Against Violence has promoted numerous awareness-raising campaigns on the topic, established shelters for women victims of violence, and provided legal and psychological support.
  4. Donne del Vino: deals with the world of wine in Italy. Through its numerous wine education and awareness programs, it has promoted the image of women as central figures in the world of wine. In addition, Donne del Vino has created numerous collaborations and partnerships with other women’s networks in Italy and Europe, enhancing the image of Italian wine and women working in the sector.


Successful women’s networks are often created by women who have identified the need to connect with other women for support and resources. In addition to women’s groups that come together for specific goals, there are also informal circuits that form among friends or co-workers who share similar values.

For example, many women have established support groups in the workplace to share ideas and resources, to discuss their problems and experiences. These groups can be very helpful for women trying to overcome challenges at work, such as gender discrimination or lack of opportunities for professional growth.

In addition, women’s networks can also provide emotional support and be an opportunity for women to create lasting bonds. Women can share their personal problems and find support from other women who have faced similar situations. This kind of support can be very helpful, particularly during difficult times in life, such as job loss, illness, or separation. These relationships can be very rewarding and improve a person’s quality of life.

Women seeking to create their own network of allies can rely on existing women’s groups or can create their own support groups. 

As a holistic researcher, with my own path into the sacred feminine that involves both rebalancing through dance and other mindfulness practices and personal evolution exercises, I try to always emphasize the value of female solidarity and the incredible power that is unleashed when a group intent is shared.

More and more women artists, professionals, researchers, therapists, and counselors are by my side who share my mission to facilitate the blossoming of healthy networks of people who exchange and build value in and around themselves.

In a world where women still face many challenges, an alliance group represents a valuable opportunity for women to connect, grow and succeed together. If you are a woman trying to create your own network of allies, remember that you are not alone. There are many other women who are trying to do the same and there are many resources available to help you create your own successful network, write to me and let’s talk about it together, maybe someday in the list of the most important and most successful networks could be ours.

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