Festival opening date: 20/09/2023
Post closing date: EXTENDED TO 30/11/2023

Festival Goal

To create a network of support and exchange of talents, skills and valuable information that can connect beautiful ideas and beautiful people. In addition, this event also opens its doors to the uninitiated to show that everyone can dance in their own way and that any free form of art and expression that does not harm others can have a value and dignity that can be appreciated by the public.


Anyone can participate, man, woman, individual or group, age 13 and up, the basic requirement is the desire to share, get involved and have fun.
Preferential requirement, but not mandatory, however, is a minimum knowledge of dance and the oriental world if you want the proposed choreography to be consistent with the scope of the Festival, even if the level is beginner.

Last requirement: be in possession of an active facebook profile or gmail through which official communications and any winnings will be sent.

Modalities Of Participation

If you are not already a member, first sign up for both official Festival pages:

In fact, from both the facebook page and the dedicated youtube playlist “Dancing Goddesses Festival 2023” where your video will be uploaded, you will be able to share it and collect likes and comments useful for reaching prizes.

Once you have completed the entries, record your choreography with quality video and audio and submit it to the form on this page: https://forms.gle/7uGDT7pk8uXsAjgS7

You can also upload a video directly from the gallery of your cell phone or pc-it’s as easy as that! (for any difficulties send a message to the official page: facebook.com/lamisticadelladanzaorientale)

The length of the video ranges from a minimum of one minute to a maximum of three. Once uploaded it must be complete with a title with a short description of up to five lines.
If you have received an invitation to participate in the Festival in the description it will be necessary to specify the name of the person who invited you.Find everything in the form, you can’t go wrong.

Be inspired by the themes covered in the pages of the book “The Mysticism of Oriental Dance” by Diana Migliano, which can be purchased in bookstores or at this link:

Your description of the choreography should be brief, but you can write extensively about your general opinion of the book “The Mysticism of Oriental Dance” (from which the idea of the Dancing Goddesses Festival originated), explaining what struck you in particular about the subject and why you decided to bring that very subject to the stage in the REVIEWS section of www.ilgiardinodeilibri.it

In this way you will already be the protagonist of a testimony that will remain indelible in time, useful to many people and, of course, appreciated by the Festival jury, which will also take into account your words and intentions.

The underlying goal is always to put your heart into it and spread its light as much as possible!

To recap:

– Compose a choreography of your choice emphasizing a symbol, legend, myth, archetype, totem animal or any subject akin to your artistic inspiration to share with as many people as possible.

– Send it via the form on this page: https://forms.gle/7uGDT7pk8uXsAjgS7

– Invite all your friends to participate, like your video both si facebook and on youtube AND THE GAME IS DONE!

Winning and Award Ways

A total of 13 videos will be awarded prizes.

Choosing the winners will be the masters; Jamilah, Simona Di Dio, Lelah Kaur, Najma Asani, Maya Gaorry and Elisa Scapeccia with Diana Migliano as Artistic Director.

Once all videos in good standing have been analyzed, the winners will be publicly announced on the official page facebook.com/lamisticadelladanzaadorientale by 11/13/23 and thus awarded the following prizes:


The top six video winners will benefit from professional training in oriental dance (live and/or online) with: Jamilah, Simona Di Dio, Elisa Scapeccia, Lelah Kaur, Najma Asani and Maya Gaorry.

Dates and arrangements for individual awards are to be arranged directly with the teachers.


In addition, this year there will be as many as seven other prizes corresponding to as many free holistic paths in the extraordinary categories section:

“Dancing Goddess” Prize Evolutionary path according to the Dancing Goddess Method with Diana Migliano – Awarded to the person who invites the most other participants on her behalf

PLEASE NOTE: For the “Dancing Goddess” award, it is of course essential to specify in the participation form the name of who you received the invitation from

Social Goddess Award 1:1 session on mindful time management lasting 75 minutes with Rosanna Maryam Sirignano, founder of MaryamEd Transcultural Training – Awarded to the performance most liked by the virtual audience, thus collecting the most likes and comments at the bottom of the video

PLEASE NOTE: Repost likes on other external pages and channels do not count, but only and exclusively those on the dedicated youtube playlist and the official Festival page.

“Goddess of Originality” Award Consultation with Pierluca Zizzi on the identification and use of personal power symbol – Awarded to the most innovative and original video

“Goddess of Luminousness” Award Holistic counseling and Bach Flowers with Rita Gaudenzi – Awarded to the most inspiring and exciting video

“Goddess of Harmony” Award Emotional Coaching Session with Lelah Kaur – Awarded to the video that conveys vibrations and energy beyond dance

“Shining Goddess” Award “WOW Wonder Oriental Woman” session with Simona Di Dio – Awarded to the most spectacular video

Critics’ Award Purchase voucher on partner site ilgiardinodeilibri.it – Awarded to the most engaging and entertaining video

Again, the dates and methods of prize redemption (live or online) are to be arranged directly with the various professionals with whom you will be duly put in touch.

General Notes:

To avoid copyright issues, it is essential to use non-copyrighted music: choose the song carefully.

* Remember to subscribe to the Festival’s fb and youtube pages and submit your video no later than October 25, via the form complete with:

Description of choreography of max 5 lines
Possible name of the person who invited you
* Remember to write a review on the book garden, where you can talk about your message and also include references on how to search for your video to gather more votes!

* Remember to have fun!

Especially remember to invite EVERYONE to put lots of likes on your video and share the event for more visibility and chances to win! Good luck and.

***** GOOD DANCE! *****


If you need to be contacted differently from the online contact details in the video, you must specify the method by writing it in the official form or by sending a private message to the administrators.

The territorial scope of the Festival is Italy.

Minors may participate only with the express consent of their parents. In any case, the organization is exempt from any responsibility.

Those who create problems for other participants, those who publish content that is out of context and those who engage in misconduct are excluded, in particular those who:

– posts content on Facebook pages that is indecent, obscene, pornographic, threatening, invites violence, discriminatory, racist, offensive, belittles third parties, misleading or illegal as well as content that violates the rights of third parties (including their copyrights and personality rights)

– uploads content that contains direct or indirect advertising for third-party products;

– performs actions that compromise the flawless operation of Facebook and uploads files containing harmful viruses or similar

– posts content for which they do not possess the necessary rights.

Dancing Goddess

Through the Dancing Goddesses method, one restores women to their original light, igniting that flame in the darkness, dulled by distorted information and behavior perpetrated over millennia, capable by itself of dispelling the surrounding darkness.

Rekindling the flame of the Feminine, one Goddess at a time, I am certain will create a network of strength and extraordinary beauty that only a group of aligned women can birth, grow and sustain.

Decide, too, to shine starting with you, from the small everyday things, to relationships, to time and resource management, to work, by once and for all ceasing to feel alone and misunderstood, but rather, by having a community of people animated by the same intent and common feeling that give birth to wonderful projects in which each one contributes to the best of her ability.

You will not have to conform to any standards of performance, image, censorship or manipulation whatsoever, because these are the very things we want to turn into integrity, inventiveness, ad hoc training, collaboration and enthusiasm!

If you feel like discovering which Goddesses are moving in your personality, body and soul, you are in the right place. Through the Dancing Goddesses Method you can learn how to recognize them, enhance them, and let them shine through dance and the other powerful personal flowering practices we will explore together. You will strengthen your weaknesses, limiting thoughts and useless habits by giving the right space to your authentic values, goals and talents.

Does it take commitment? Yes. Absolute respect, sincerity and responsibility? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes.

The whole thing will be tailor-made for you, and made as effective, light and fun as possible.

Come on, shall we get started? Choose the path you feel most resonates with your intent! I look forward to seeing you.

Book your journey with me

Single Session


€160da 1h e 40'
  • - Recognize your inner Goddess
  • - Define starting and ending point
  • - Identify critical issues and how to transform them
  • - Finding your "right step"
  • - Dancing with the Goddess - La mistica della danza orientale
4 Individual Sessions


€1300da 1h e 40' ciascuna
  • - Recognize your inner Goddess
  • - Define starting and ending point
  • - Identify critical issues and how to transform them
  • - Finding your "right step"
  • - Dancing with the Goddess - La mistica della danza orientale
  • - Journey through lunar phases, elements and symbols
  • - Exploration of the archetypes of the Dancing Goddesses
8 Individual Sessions


€4200da 1h e 40' ciascuna
  • - Recognize your inner Goddess
  • - Define starting and ending point
  • - Identify critical issues and how to transform them
  • - Finding your "right step"
  • - Dancing with the Goddess - La mistica della danza orientale
  • - Journey through lunar phases, elements and symbols
  • - Immersion in the energy of one goddess per month
  • - Exploration of the main archetypes of the Dancing Goddess Method

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