Dance: a sport for everyone

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If you think that dance is a purely feminine sport, you too have fallen into the trap of stereotypes, those social and cultural models that are instilled in us during our childhood and that, unconsciously, condition our choices and outlook on life.

So let us make two reflections to understand why, instead, dance should be an art that is within everyone’s reach and, above all, that benefits everyone: children, women and, yes, even men.

Dance is.
Extreme awareness of our bodies, greater self-knowledge and control of our movements, consequently strength, flexibility, balance and better mobility.

Dance is.
Freedom to express our deepest emotions and the ability to overcome our fears and limitations, increasing our self-esteem and strengthening our personality.

Dance is.
Entertainment, a time for gathering, participation, interaction, sharing and socializing. Plus it is also fun!

So why shouldn’t we all benefit from it!
Let’s also make another point; how often in dances do we find both male and female roles, with techniques, meanings and costumes quite distinct from each other but complementary and both fundamental?

Just think of classical ballet, ballroom dancing, folk dances, African or tribal dances, to name a few.
In oriental dances, for example, to which I have been dedicated for years and which are my passion, the dance practiced by humans has very ancient origins and is still widespread today.
Without elaborating further, you should know that, precisely driven by this passion, a few months ago I published my first book, “The Mysticism of Oriental Dance,” which encapsulates all my experience and knowledge on the subject and which I would like to share with you.

So, if oriental dances attract you or simply intrigue you and you would like to learn about their history, culture, meaning, symbolism and, why not, even techniques, it might be just the book for you!

Diana Migliano

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