With this volume, the author aims to provide as comprehensive a theoretical and practical compendium of oriental dance as possible.

The proposed reading key offers the reader the mystical perspective necessary to bring out the symbolic and less apparent aspects of this ancient art.

An excursus of the historical and legendary origins of oriental dance precedes an in-depth study of its cultural icons and corresponding archetypes in the individual unconscious. A broad view of the subject offers many interesting insights and introspection. The second half of the book is devoted to the more exquisitely artistic part through the analysis and presentation of different dance styles, rhythms and musical instruments. Finally, the complete description of the steps, with explanatory photos, itself constitutes an instruction manual for learning the fundamentals of this wonderful discipline.

Oriental dance is a world of endless possibilities that welcomes people of all ages, genders, cultures and temperaments. Its exotic and dreamy atmospheres embrace discipline, commitment, fun, cultural research and care for one’s body. Words and movements will take you on an inner journey to know yourself deeply and foster your own spiritual evolution.

A woman who wants to know herself through fun and healthy practices who loves dance the world of the East who loves natural spirituality and the history of lost language the ancient secrets we live without knowing and the fascination of the feminine world, the sacred, the beautiful. sisterhood, and the rediscovery of roots.

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Alba d’Argento
La Mistica della Danza Orientale

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